AI Inside & Outside the Factory


This guide captures the opportunity for manufacturers to adopt AI and Machine Learning inside & outside the factory.


  • Understand what AI & ML is and why it is the low hanging fruit of the digital toolbox
  • Explore how AI & ML can be used inside and outside of the factory to add real benefit to your business.
  • Learn about the importance of data and how you can gain real value and ROI from the data you may already have.
  • Read some interesting case studies that show the power of AI & ML in manufacturing.
  • Find out how to scale the use of AI & ML in manufacturing and how to avoid the costs, data risks and need for continued connectivity associated with cloud storage.


Paul Calver,

Digital Manufacturing Director & CFO

When I talk with manufacturers the first thing that hits me is their need to better understand the art of the possible when adopting digital technologies and implementing digital transformation.


Manufacturers have been adopting physical technologies but many manufacturers are not aware of the power of data, the benefits that can be gained from advanced data analytics, AI & Machine Learning, and how to implement IoT platforms to leverage their key data asset.


Manufacturers need to explore AI & ML techniques, how they can be used and the potential benefits, so that businesses are aware of the opportunities and not left behind in what is a real digital revolution. 

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