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Through the use of AI, businesses can deliver the next level in customer experience by driving high-quality engagements, conversations and customer satisfaction, and deliver profitable and sustainable growth.

But what if you can maximise the opportunities with your existing clients or convert more quickly?



This guide is intended to be consumed by anyone with an interest in improving the customer journey with Artificial Intelligence (AI), making sense of data and accelerating its use. Marketing technologists and those individual driving the MarTech stack should find this introductory guide helpful to target the right applications of AI in the customer journey.


The Opportunity in Retail 


By 2025, consumers’ omnichannel behavior will drive 60% of B2C brands towards a functional, rather than a channel-based organisational structure, and considering that on average 80% of the new leads that make it through the channel never convert to sales, it’s important to optimise each opportunity. This is where AI and ML infused technology is becoming a game changer for businesses.

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